PHP Website Development and Maintenance Services

The origins of PHP go back as far as 1994. At that time, PHP stood for personal homepage and was used for a simple implementation. Over the years, however, PHP has gained considerable popularity as a language in web development due to its availability. Here at SimplyPHP, we are such big fans of what is now called PHP: Hypertext PreProcessor that we have decided to base our entire business around it. With almost a decade of experience gained by focusing strictly on PHP, we now have a wide range of knowledge that allows us to take on even the most complex challenges in the development world. Our team of passionate developers has grown and is growing every year. As of now, we have over 40 internal experts on a mission to provide the most value to our customers through PHP.


As full-stack developers, we use a variety of tools and technologies for back-end development, front-end implementation and quality assurance. What you see on the right is the list of our most important PHP Frameworks, Content Management Systems, JavaScript Libraries, Markup Language, Front End Frameworks, Tools and Databases.

It requires a huge amount of experience and knowledge to identify the best to use, all depending on the functionality needed to build an application in the most efficient way.

Our specialists can help you determine the best course of action for what you need to perform.